Chat on SPP

Reliable Messaging

Contact your friends and family anywhere for free on an all in one social payments platform.

Private Chat

Send text messages, emojis, voice notes, images, videos and files privately to your friends and family.

Group Chat

Keep in touch with your favourite groups of people, family, friends and work colleagues. Share text messages, emojis, voice notes, images, videos and files.

Call Freely

High concurrency + Low Latency

Supporting Massive concurrency, latency less than 200ms

Anti – Loss packet+ Anti – Jitter

Customized FEC/Jitter Buffer/QoS strategy to ensure clear voice calls

Stream Encryption

Platform encryption to protect conversation privacy

Pay with SPP

Multi-Payment Method

Integrate with Visa card, Master card, Paypal, Ecocash etc


Bank-level security, access to bank depository systems, compliance, security

Rich Wallet Service

P2P transfer, group transfer, donations, rewards, pay biller, pay merchant, top up mobile balance, pay for utilities

Explore More

On a social payments platform that offer an open API for business partner integration to deliver more fun.


Explore and Play thousands of games.


Lots of music to play and listen to on the go.


Shop and purchase commodities online and in App.

Explore and do more

Request a ride, Video streaming and a lot more.

Share your Moment

Multi – Post Message

Share your memorable moments and express them in a lot of ways, text, photos, video, voice notes.

Privacy Configuration

You can enable or disable users to view or make comments on your moments and also set a time limit you wish to be available on your Moments timeline.

Make a commodity post

Your friends can click and purchase commodities you post or share on your Moments timeline.

Our Advantages

Daily Active Users

3+ Millions

Daily Peak Message QTY

10+ Billions


20+ Thousands


Data center is more lively ; Automatic horizontal expansion; Daily message peak value 11 billion ; Stable support for a variety of billion products


Private binary communication protocol ; Data encryption ; Safe and reliable

Billions Concurrency

Unlimited number of users ; Billion-level message concurrent; Instant arrival

Global Node

Global data center and access node services; Provide you with stable connection support


Stateless service cluster; Service, data, network dynamically scalable; Infinite expansion

Multi- Deployment Mode

The 3 deployment modes for adapting multiple business scenarios are proposed: Public, Private, Proprietary cloud