Public Cloud

Service resource sharing, no additional hardware and operational maintenance investment, self –service opening, registration and use, low access cost and fast integration.

Low Cost

No additional hardware and maintenance investment required

Quick Access

Contact us, provide Demo and SDK, download technical document, a few line of code, access success

Modular Application

With unlimited storage space, it’s easy to meet the growing needs of App users


Flexible expansion, resources can be quickly deployed and released, allowing for expansion and downsizing

Private Cloud

The private network is only provided for computing services provided by enterprise users. The service cluster is deployed on the private infrastructure, with high security index, controllable data, and independent resource allocation.

Safety isolation

Built for individual use by customers to ensure effective control of data, security and quality of service

Effective use of resources

By centralizing data, users can access data at any time, reduce traditional resource exchange, and improve resource utilization


The scale of resources can be flexibly deployed and customized according to a company’s business needs.

Low cost expansion

Utilises the company’s existing hardware resources to build cloud services thereby significantly reducing the cost of enterprise expansion.

Proprietary Cloud

Service resource sharing, no additional hardware and operation and maintenance investment, self-service opening, registration and use, low access cost and fast integration.

Resource isolation

Adopt customized underlying scheduling policy to ensure that private cloud tenants are separated from public cloud resources, services are more stable, and performance is more reliable.

Plug & Play

Customized services on demand, compatible with different business models, effective in real time, help developers access faster and customize their own business matching IM services.

Free expansion

Business parameters can be adjusted freely, service frequency can be flexibly adjusted, and help developers develop unimpeded expansion of their own business.

Special maintenance

One-to-one support services with senior technical support and expert consultants, to provide consulting services of communication and video technical architecture for enterprises.